Weird morning.  I woke up and reset my alarm because I wanted to sleep and had a dream I asked my roomie to make me coffee and when I woke up there was no coffee.  I also didn’t want to burn my mouth with coffee and succeeded in poking the roof of my mouth with a cracker.  Hot mess, party of one.
So I was supposed to go home for a visit but Dad didn’t want me to get stuck there in inclement weather so we decided that it was a no-go and instead I worked and hung out with Tiger, successfully crashing Lumberjack’s rehearsal and using the cover story of “My name is Regina Phalange, this is my partner Mohammad Ovaltine.  I’m a talent scout and if I can bring in a few more badges I’ll be a Troop Leader by February.  I like your style, I think you’re very talented.”
Today I have to deal with a situation that I wish I didn’t have to deal with ever in my life.  I usually don’t pay attention to what people say about me or think about me, it’s like a glitch in my brain.  But when I hear someone saying something that’s extremely untrue, like calling me their girlfriend, I get upset.  I do not like lies that implicate that I belong to someone, and considering the way that this information has been spreading I’m pretty sure it’s not implicating any feelings on my behalf.  My feelings, by the way, are along the lines of getting really angry, not because of the rumors necessarily but because I have asked this person to stop, and I’ve told them that it bothers me, and they turn the entire thing around and try to make me seem immature.  Meanwhile they are telling everyone they talk to that we’re an item, a couple, Russian, mermaids, wizards and other fantastical things.
The issue is that my automatic reaction to this kind of thing is to flip on the person that is flapping their pie hole and never speak to them again.  But I’m currently trying to keep my friendships, especially the ones that have proven themselves to be worth my time, and I am still going to fight for this one.  It just so happens that in order to keep a friendship I have to fight the friend, and it’s most likely going to be an obnoxious situation, especially with all the double talk I’ve been hearing. 
A few of my friends have given me “advice” and it ranges from “you need to stand in the truth” to “you guys would make ugly babies“.  So far they’ve been about as helpful as the chipmunks I asked for directions to the library last week.  But I have remembered that I need to pull a Romans 12:9&10.

“Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.  Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.  Honor one another above yourselves.”

So while I’d like to do about a million non-loving things to this person, I am reminded of my own post from a while ago where I described how I’m trying to love my friends.  And since God put each person in my life in certain places for certain reasons, I’m going to pray and focus on what is true and what God would have me say in this situation to really get the point across without using as much me as I would usually.