1.  Ever since I stated praying again God has been shuffling things around like a 60-year-old blackjack dealer from Vegas named Lorraine.
I spent about a week wallowing in my misery, which was mainly an attitude problem, but me being  a chicken shit.  I wanted to really get settled in my home, but that didn’t take long.  Then instead of reaching out to people I assumed that everyone was busy and I don’t like to be a bother, so I sat around a lot during my down time watching movies and drinking.

I cared for you in the wilderness,
in the land of burning heat.
When I fed them, they were satisfied;
when they were satisfied, they became proud;
then they forgot me.
So I will be like a lion to them,
like a leopard I will lurk by the path.  – Hosea 13:5-7

There’s a promise in here folks, one that was meant for God’s people when they started turning away from him.  He sneak attacked me for sure, thankfully in a positive way.  After too much of me praying and telling God my life was too boring he got me hooked back up with activities: first a woman from church called and asked me to help out with child care on Tuesday mornings for a mother’s group.  Then my land lord asked if I wanted to help him out with his moving business.  And I finally stopped being a pussy and made the effort to hang out with friends, which was very worth while.  The real kicker is that I’m getting paid for the child care, which I’d do for free, and helping out my land lord.  God must really love me, because he’s giving me projects to fill my time.  Actually, it’s all for his glory anyway since the more is on my plate the more I seek him.  He’s smart.

2.  At bible study on Mondays people have a phrase that keeps popping up in stories usually regarding co-workers or strangers: “I got to share the gospel with (insert name here).” If I know anything, I know this: I’m not very good at eloquently having a conversation about most things, much less Christianity and what it’s all about.  But I started to feel like Jesus was having me notice this for a reason.
Challenge accepted! It literally feels like I’m putting my heart in his hands in a different way.  I started adding to my prayers that if God wanted me to talk about him outside of my christian friends, which is something I do all the time but not with a purpose, that he would give me the situations and the words to help further his kingdom.  I prayed this while most of me was ready and willing, and a little part of me was hoping this would be the kind of thing I pray about but don’t have to encounter ever in my life.  Of course I have no such luck.  I was telling one of my co-workers a story about praying that God help me forgive our bible study leader for making us watch a seriously sad movie and God produced a situation.  As it turns out, some people are really curious about what a bible study is all about, because their visual could be of a group sitting in a circle reading the same section of the bible in silence together.  Since then I’ve gotten to share more with my co-worker, who has never been to church before.  He may just be curious, but it’s still cool to get a chance to explain things to someone who is a fairly blank slate.  (By blank slate I mean that when I mentioned a Worship Team his automatic thought was of superhero suits and forcing people to sing church songs.  I love this kid.)  And since talking openly about something to one person leads to me talking openly about something to everyone, I’ve found myself inserting God into conversations more in little ways.  Usually it’s just telling people about how God answers prayers, but I think it still counts because I say it with a conviction they can’t ignore!

3.  Work has been really good for me, especially since I work with a good group of people.  I try to make sure I get things accomplished, and I’m usually on top of things.  Another bonus: I’ve been lifting a lot of wine cases and my arms are getting pretty buff!  I’m not a naturally muscular person in any place but my legs and such, so it’s really quite thrilling to see some definition and to feel like I could punch someone and it’s hurt!  It’s also good to just be able to do physical labor because it wears me out which helps me sleep better.

4.  Since I’ve gotten up off my hiney and started trying to hang out with people I’ve been able to make a few new connections (which I always enjoy) and reconnect with a few people that I’ve missed.  Tink is always a joy to spend time with, I enjoy sharing thoughts on God and his Word with her, and she inspires me to see the world in a different way all the time.  I have gotten to hang out with Pilot (he flies planes) after having a little sabbatical on that friendship, and I’m really happy about it.  I missed him, even when he makes me want to shave his eyebrows and tattoo a man’s name on a banner across a heart on his body.  I got to talk on the phone to Smokey (he’s a firefighter) and share a little about how excited I am that God’s working all over the place as well as find out what’s new and good in his life.  He’s a real sweetheart, so I love getting to catch up.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to Tiger for weeks and finally got to catch up over the weekend a little bit, but not enough!  I think we’ll figure out a way to get some quality time soon.

Little Things: 5.  I’m still digging my room and house  6.  Spring is on it’s way!  7.  Talking to strangers  8.  Realizing I’m 83-years-old on the inside and still act like a 6-year-old  9.  Going to church  10.  Free plumbs at work when they are going to be tossed out  12.  Constantly discovering new promises in the Word