1. I went to the Tenth Avenue North and Third Day concert with a bunch of friends for one of their birthdays, and it was so refreshing and invigorating!
  2. Autumn makes me so happy. 
  3. Sampson is gone.
  4. I got a call on Wednesday about babysitting on thursday, and it just so happened to be my day off so I got to spend part of my day with some super cute kids.  I seriously love children and getting to babysit, it gives me so much joy that I forget I’m getting paid.  And I need the money, so it’s pretty amazing that I got to do something I love so much and get paid for it!
  5. Spontaneous dinner and movie dates with super sweet girlfriends are the best.
  6. A kid I knew in high school and was really good friends with made contact.  We had a falling out during my freshman year of college, and we hadn’t spoken since.  Now we’re talking all the times, and I got to see him yesterday.  He’s going to be called Boba Fett.
  7. I have one of the best moms ever.  She’s always trying to give me what I need, even if she doesn’t know what I need, and she pulls through a lot of the time.  She’s also really seeking the Lord and it’s changing her in amazing ways.  She and my dad have been re-married for a year tomorrow, and it renews my hope more than it did when they got re-married. 
  8. I have been having pretty good days at work, and saturday one of the guys I work with asked me how I was so nice to a customer that was being rude.  Apparently my people skills are improving!
  9. One of my girls had a show on friday that I didn’t go to, but I got to hang out with her for a little on thursday and hear her practice, and pray with her about the show.  I think it offered her a little peace that she was pretending she didn’t need, and I heard that she shone like a star at the show.  I believe the word that was used was dazzling.
  10. My church has been alive and kicking for 25 years and today was our 25 year Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was really cool to see people I knew when I was really young for the first time in years, and to see people I don’t get to see every day or talk to often.  I’m really happy and proud to be a part of a church that has a mission to make a community within a community, and to offer people the gospel with such humility and love.
  11. At said dinner I got to talk to one of my favorite people, who I never get to see anymore because I’ve dropped the ball.  I am so grateful for a chance to reconnect with him though, I’ve missed him and prayed for him quite a bit since the last time he updated me on his life.
  12. I called out sick on monday, because my cold caught up with me and I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t work, couldn’t eat, couldn’t stand up too long, couldn’t live… I couldn’t do anything really.  So I slept most of my day away.  I watched some hulu.  I went to my mom’s rehearsal and left halfway through to come home and go to bed.  The night before I had been almost sick from crying and crying out to God.  I basically did it again that night, praying hard and needing so badly to know some peace that it felt like my body was a reflection of my spirit; I let myself get sick and it hit me hard.  And it was a good thing, a needed thing.  And the next day I got up and went to work, and this week I got so many answers. 
    God has let things happen, he has let things not happen, he has made things happen, he has slammed a door in my face, he has brought back prodigal children, he has healed the sick, he has taken people away and brought others into my life, he has given me the opportunities to do what gives me joy, he has comforted me with truth, he has shown me again where my heart is and where he wants it to be, and he has reminded me of his intense, binding love for his children, for me.

“Righteous Father, though the world does not know you, I know you, and they know that you have sent me.  I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”  – John 17:25&26

Oh, and to top it off, Lina came home!