tumblr_lxki98qL9V1qipw3rI’ve decided to add a new feature up in here! I heard about this concept over a year ago I think, and it’s sort of stuck with me as a way I could structure posts. SOAP stands for scripture, observation, application, and prayer.  It’s a way of taking time to really think about what God is trying to tell us through His word.  I think that could be pretty self explanatory, but just in case it isn’t I’ll walk you through it. Now on to today’s scripture:

The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.  (1 Timothy 1:5)

Observation: If you can’t remember what the point is of being a christian on a day to day basis, this is a great summary to remind you.  We have been charged with a responsibility, and even thought we are human and will never be perfect it is our aim to be able to have good motives and genuinely confident belief in the truth of who Christ is and what He has and will do for us.  It also means to be able to love people from a pure heart, which is impossible without knowing Christ.

Application:  It’s hard to remember what Christ has asked me to do.  It’s harder still to live out His requests without taking the time daily to give Him dominion over my heart.  I could tell you the gist of the great commission, but in my day to day life I forget what my motivation should be all the time.  For me applying this scripture means to read it and remember that I have been called to act from a heart that seeks to be fulfilled in the Lord and submitted to His will, instead of from a place of selfish desire.

Prayer:  God, I wish I could give you some excuses for my behavior and the condition of my heart, but we both know it’s not worth the effort.  I’m sorry for being lazy and petulant.  I have let myself get in the way of who You want me to be, and I want to change but I can’t… not unless You change me.  Please renew my heart so that it can be more like Yours.  Let my actions show the world what You want the world to see, instead of whatever images I could possibly want to portray myself as.  Thanks for being stronger than my will, and willing to put up with my human nature.  Thanks for giving me a life that You designed specifically for me, and designed me for.  You’re the best.  dirty