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Last week I took a break from crocheting a baby blanket for my friend’s upcoming bundle of joy and decided that I wanted to make something for myself. I had been seeing a lot of tutorials online for painted glasses and decided that I would paint myself some glasses! All it took was a quick trip to Big Lots to get the cups and rummaging through my craft supplies to find my glass paint and I was ready!
What I couldn’t find were any of my good paint brushes, so I used Q-Tips. Hence the cups look a little like they were made by children. But I like that aesthetic.
I put on two coats of each color to ensure that there would be optimal opacity, then let the cups dry for a couple days. According to the directions on the paint they are supposed to dry for 21 days or you can bake them after drying for 48 hours.
cupt3After a few days I followed the directions and put them in the cool oven, heated it to 325 and baked for 30 minutes. Then you have to let them cool in the oven, so that the glass doesn’t break from extreme heat changes.
And behold! I now will never lack for super fancy cups to drink out of! I do recommend hand washing, so that there is no risk of the paint coming off. I also recommend playing around with different patterns and stencils and what have you, though I played it safe and did something imperfectly perfect for my taste.
It’s a surprisingly easy project that you can do for yourself, or as a gift. I’m considering who I’m going to want to make some pretty personalized cups for in the future…