anigif_enhanced-buzz-19583-1381990276-10One of my friends from college is on an anti-clickbait kick, clickbait being the articles on places like buzzfeed and HuffPo and Cracked that are lists of things and basically not important to anything at all yet still get circulated through the internet. But I was making lists of things for DirtySean.com since I started it, and I don’t write lists like those sites very often. But in honor of my friend’s campaign against clickbait here are some articles that are NOT clickbait, you know, the kind you have to actually read.

  1. Should I learn to Code at Age 27? is a really good read about considering your different life choices when you need to move forward to something better.
  2. This is an incredibly fascinating article about finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  If you love baking I strongly recommend reading it and learning the science behind what goes into the perfect cookie.
  3. HelloGiggles does a little research on How to Tell If Someone Really Really Likes You.
  4. Gala Darling was one of the bloggers that inspired me to start a blog in the first place.  I really like this article where she reminds us that if we really don’t like doing something, we don’t have to do it.
  5. I love articles about the realities of marriage.  Jamie the Very Worst Missionary is one of my favorite bloggers and has a really familiar way of writing that makes you think that you’re getting an email from your friend who moved to Cali last year and she just wants to update you on her life.  This post about celebrating 20 years of marriage is such a gem and so funny.
  6. I read this article a while ago and just reread it to see if I wanted to include it.  I forgot how it speaks so truthfully about the differences between falling in love when you’re ready and falling in love because you’re lonely.  It also throws in the difference between love and infatuation, which I completely agree with.
  7. I have been reconnecting with an old friend on facebook who I haven’t seen in a bajillion years, and it turns out she might be the only other christian woman blogger in maine… at least that I can find thus far!  Her blog has a lot to do with homesteading, since she is now married and has some kiddos to take care of, but I recently asked her if she had a post about how she met her husband and she didn’t soooooooo she wrote it for me.  #winning
  8. The difference between New York Skinny and Paris Skinny is so relateable since I have also found myself moving from one place to another and having lifestyle changes that lead to (gulp) weight gain.
  9. Some more proof that doing social things alone is way fun.
  10. Let’s catch up with Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century! #bestdisneychannelmovieever
  11. Another from HelloGiggles: Why ‘Candidly Nicole’ is My New Favorite Show.  Yes, I do want to check it out.  Nicole Richie slays me!
  12. Jenna Marbles tells it like it is in her video Things Girls Only Tell Their Best Friends.  NSFW, language, and a man dressed as a lady.