1. Purchases: Florence + The Machine, Lungs.  Anberlin, Dark Is The Way Light Is the Place.  Rebecca Minkoff Eyelet Mini Mab Satchel with Strap (black).  Oh retail therapy, we’ve never been better friends. 
  2. Juliet and Shawn kissed on the summer finale of Psych!!!!!!
  3. I e-mailed one of my past professors a bunch of pictures of classic Disney cartoons and he wrote back and thanked me. 
  4. I got a visit from an old friend from school.  I forgot how this girl actually surprises me with how smart she can be.  Quite a forward thinker, and yet we do have things in common that remind me of the human condition and how even when you don’t think you can connect with someone there’s always something to understand in each other.
  5. A friend from school will hopefully be visiting this next weekend. 
  6. Drunk phone call to D who I miss more than my life.
  7. Talking to my best friend.  That’s a big one.
  8. New chapstick.
  9. Getting down with my dirty self. 
  10. Spending quality time with the Broski.
  11. Reading fantastic books.  Best of the week:
    “My thoughts create my world.”
    “…when I first met her, I thought, so this is what heartsick means.  She made me feel… wanting.  Not like wanting a specific person or thing.  It was that I wanted everything, anything that I couldn’t have, everything out of reach.”
    “I’m sorry, he says, but not in the way that means he actually is sorry.  The way that means he’s sorry he has to say sorry.”
  12. These post cards from Post Secret: