Today I was thinking at work about how I wanted to update this thing before going to Concord, MA for the night tomorrow, because like HELL am I lugging around a lappy-top for no reason.  We’re all going because my Ma is doing the make-up for a stage production, and I think I’ll end up backstage helping her out more than seeing the show.  I don’t mind, I love make-up and I grew up doing all this stuff.  So I wanted to update but I was thinking about how I didn’t feel well and I was sad because I had an epiphany: maybe it would be really nice to have someone around who wants to take care of me when I don’t feel so well.  Part of the reason I get so grumpy when I feel ill is because all my family does is ask really (I mean REALLY) stupid questions and don’t listen to the answers and then don’t give a chipmunk’s foot about any of it afterward, as if just acknowledging that I don’t feel well means they can now treat me like I feel fine.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were around who actually wanted to hug me, or let me sit down and have some quiet, or maybe even take care of me a little.  So basically I thought that I had nothing to put up here that was positive. 

Then I got home and BAM!  My purse was in the kitchen!

So I remembered, thanks to mail, that I have some good things to write about.  This bag is kick-ass.  It’s real leather, it’s nice and spacious but not too big, it’s got the inside side pockets and one on the outside, it zips, it’s got cool clippy-things,  it’s got the eyelet things so it looks like a rock star… Basically it’s my bag.  And here’s a picture of my manicure from yesterday, because I really like the color.