1. Gossip Girl S3 marathon at work (“CeCe’s heart pumps secrets and gin”) AND
  2. Gossip Girl S4!!!!!!!
  3. Receiving my amazing Rebecca Minkoff bag.  It’s beautiful and everything I could dream of!  (See one of this week’s posts to understand fully)
  4. Putting my expertise to good use and helping with the make-up for a production in MA, turning people into Englishmen, Native American’s, and Elderly.
  5. One of the men who I made up was told that his make-up was so good that it made everything else in the play believable.
  6. Spending time with Six of the coolest boys I’ve ever met.  We knew their family back in MA before we moved and we got to reconnect.  Their ages range from Three years old to 19, and they are all super smart and nice and I want to insert myself into their lives, simply because I adore them.
  7. Acquiring some cute new shoes and a dress while shopping with Mom, including a pair of kitten heels that I can actually wear anywhere, and a pair of heeled clogs that are super comfy.
  8. Along those same lines, getting a mani-pedi was really really nice!
  9. Mom being sort of on board with the prospect of me being her personal assistant.
  10. Going to an appointment with mom and finding the most amazingly magical back-yard that I’ve ever seen!  It was a little overgrown and had a beautiful shack that I would like to live in like Wendy, and a little freshwater pond/lagoon with ducks!
  11. Got to take a trip to the only interesting place in this state and pretend to be a city person.  Hopped to three bars and table dance like a fool, ending the night with McDonald’s in the car.  Delish!
  12. Two words: Chuck Bass.