I would apologize for the lack of postage but I’m really over apologizing for things. 

  1. The weather has been quite ridiculous: good for some, awful for me.  I hate the heat.  But it’s given me a chance to break out the good ol’ cut offs and a nasty pair of coral shorts I adore, which makes me happy.  It also gives everyone a chance to have a conversation, which is good if you work in a place where customer relations is key.  Everyone has something to say about how hot it is, and I like to ramble about how much I don’t like it.  I am blessed though to work in a place with central air and a beer cooler, not to mention live with a Nun that made sure we got our air conditioners installed last week.  Just in time!
  2. Speaking of work, we had a team meeting this past week.  I am officially in charge of changing the signs in the windows, which means I get full creative responsibility and the allowance to put products on sale.  What it means is that I have a “thing” at work, the same way there’s a Beer guy and a Grocery guy and a Wine person, I’m the Signs girl.  I take it to mean that I get to exercise my advertising and marketing abilities in a similar way I try to when pushing a product on someone but with arts and crafts time (JFL would be so proud!).
  3. To combine these two things (work and the weather) I would like to mention that the drinks that I’ve been creating are really pretty perfect for this season!  I’ve discovered an amazing sangria recipe and doctored it to my pleasing and now I’m considering putting it in a book and just naming it “Dirty Sean’s Drinks” and then selling it for millions.  I got to make the sangria for wine tasting at work, and the customers and most of the staff agreed that it was better than the one my boss made.  I’m just saying, it’s that good.
  4. I got the chance recently to try to reconnect with my sister, and that’s been a pretty wonderful thing.  She’s got a bit of a spot in her marriage, the kind of spot that will take a little google searching to find the right way to remove, but she’s far from throwing it away.  She’s always been a trooper, and I’ve always respected her for being able to take responsibility for things and actually get things done.  Now that she and her husband are teaming up like never before, things will be a little harder.  But I know that they’ll make it through, because God doesn’t let things like this break.  He uses them.
  5. Reconnecting with friends is great too, I got to have some solid quality time with Lumberjack and an afternoon chilling with Chola (whose make-up reminded me of a chola that day, and so now she has a nick-name).  I even got to go visit Seth Cohen in Boston for dinner, which is really good because he’s going to China for a month, and am trying to get together with a certain dancer but our schedules are conflicting.  I adore each of them and am so glad to have them in my life.
  6. New friends are great too, like my work buddies and Tink, who all like to come over for a few beers on my front porch on friday nights every once and again.  We call it Porch Sessions.  We talk about life and God and old cartoons and everything.  Usually I end up laughing my ass off, which is really nice.
  7. This week I got to babysit a friend’s son and he was super adorable.  We went to the park, where I managed to get my first sun-burn of the season, and he played well with others.  Apparently he doesn’t always play well with others, so yes, that’s notable.  One of them was telling us about his little brother, who is a Tobbler, and about his mom, whose name is Alana.  He said he sometimes calls her mom, but sometimes he calls her Alana too.  I’ve missed the common sense of children.  He told a kid’s grandma that I was his “visitor”.  I told him that I’m his babysitter.  Or, since he’s not a baby, I am his sitter.  And he said that he liked babysitter better.  I sat on a swing and he promptly got up and started pushing me on it.  It was really precious, and after when he was walking away I thanked him for pushing me, and he replied with “you’re welcome.”
  8. I have begun an exploration of a terrifying and unknown frontier: a relationship. I’m still on my guard about the entire situation, because I’m not sure what the outcome will be, and I don’t want to be a whiney girl who talks about her relationship stuff.  So I’m not sure I’m going to talk about it here.  But I will say that thus far it has proved to be a good thing.  And possibly a God thing.  Even if we didn’t know that we had sort of started the entire process a little earlier than we thought we had… it’s just semantics!
  9. Speaking of God, whose name is holy and great and often used in vain by me (sorry!), He’s been answering an entire bunch of prayers for people who I know, maybe even a slew!  And it’s so comforting to see what He’s doing, really, it calms my random bouts of crippling anxiety and gives me peace in my heart!  And I’ve been realizing that there are so many good things that He does in the day to day life I live that I can’t help but praise Him.  He gives me little gifts all the time, and He shows me that He’s listening on a regular basis.  Such a good God.  There’s none better! 
  10. I like to do two things to give myself a treat: one of them is getting a manicure.  This past week I got a crazy gel-shelaque-bake-on mani at my favorite Vietnamese nail place in Concord.  My nail polish usually chips by day two, but these suckers aren’t going anywhere!  It’s like someone put on a coat of superglue and then a thin layer or three of plastic and then put my hands in an easy-bake oven.  It’s amazing. 
  11. The other thing I do to treat myself is buy books, and I got the new Libba Bray book, Beauty Queens, and it was spectacular.  Another feat of genius, well done Miz Bray.  Now I’m reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and the wit this woman comes up with is gut clenching funny.  I highly recommend both books.
  12. I’ve been able to take some time off, meaning taking two weekends this month, and thus far I’ve been on a fabulous women’s retreat with my church and am going to be going to spend a weekend at home for best-friend time with none other than The BFF, who I am so excited to see I might pee on the way to the car.  I’m going to ask whoever I get to give me a ride home to put plastic on all the seats.  And to bring air freshener.

And I know, it’s been a while since I have really updated.  I am going to do my best to get back into it, please stop with the e-mails and facebook friend requests and phone calls.  I’ll be trying to put up something like an article in the next few days.  There, now stop asking.