I know, I know.  Christian girls aren’t supposed to like things like alcohol, cigarettes, and small swimsuits.  Bikinis are scandalous, even just as conversation topics, when the church or a religious group has to deal with them.  But guess what?  I so wear them.

Why do I wear a bikini?

It’s been years of struggle for me to accept my body the way it is, to treat it with respect and consideration as opposed to abuse.  It still is some days.  But when it comes to the bikini I think that these pieces of swimwear are made for a purpose: to get wet!  I love to swim, and that’s the only reason I really put on a swimsuit in the first place.  I don’t feel a strong need to parade around with my jiggle-y parts exposed as if it’s a good thing.  And as an Irish girl I don’t need to tan very often lest I want to burn horribly after about 20 minutes of sun exposure.
Aside from that, have you ever tried to use the bathroom wearing a one piece?  Not exactly easy!  And the lining in a one piece isn’t acceptable for someone shaped like me: if the top fits, the bottom doesn’t, and vice-versa.  The ability to mix and match sizes with the bikini has kept my suits on and not embarrassingly sagging or tight in any area.

Modesty VS Trend

I do believe that there are modesty issues to be had with swimwear, and that there are ways to keep oneself from being a saint in the pew that becomes a harlot on the sands.  While there is always going to be a question of how much skin is too much, I do believe that it all depends on the crowd.  When hanging out with girlfriends I don’t feel so bad about baring more; I’m a flawed being, but even if they judge me I know that I’m not making them feel lustful.  When I’m hanging out with guys in my swimsuit, I will not be seen without shorts on, and sometimes I wear a tank top in and out of the water.
I know that these actions aren’t the best way to justify wearing a bikini considering how many arguments (that I generally agree with, in fact!) there are against wearing the tiny pieces of fabric.  But I do wear them anyway, and I like to think of them as something fun to wear as opposed to something sexy.  I’ll gladly let people see my little belly roll if I’m in the middle of having fun, and perhaps some cellulite or stubble if I forgot to shave.  I’m not in the swimsuit to impress anyone, I’m just trying to enjoy myself and keep it classy like these ladies did:

Liz Taylor: Ever classy and never skanky.

Bridget Bardot: Healthy body, always up for an adventure.

My favorite Miss Marilyn: A little tummy roll and her natural hair color, adorable!