1. When our perspective is skewed we become more and more self-centered.  Whenever I let myself be a priority I end up unhappy.  I can never feel loved enough, never see my direction, never feel desired, supported, filled in the ways that I need to badly when all I can think of is how badly I need these things to fill up the big hole in my chest that is in all actuality filled with the H. Sizzle.  God made us for specific reasons and gave us a deposit as a guarantee of what is to come (2 Corinthians 5:5).  When I think of life in this way, removing my veil of selfishness, I see not only the things that I should be actively living out but also the blessings that are being poured into my life.
  2. Having a childlike spirit can be a blessing and a curse.  You can develop maturity while having one, because it’s not about immaturity, it’s about dependence on God.  But sometimes it’s a really good excuse to act like a child to the Father, ornery and rebellious and throwing temper tantrums over how that’s not FAIR!  It also has a really interesting effect on memory, in that you can absolutely forget what you learned about Christ and his character after about a month and relearn it to your own embarrassment and his glory. 
  3. There is no fear in love.  Even if its awkward at first, even if I don’t know what to say, I’d rather fail at love than let pride get in the way.
  4. Poetry is the verbal illustration of a postcard that you have captured or created in your mind and want to reveal to others.
  5. Being 25 years old doesn’t feel different.  Hindsight, though, does reveal the changes and seasons that have passed and stayed, the differences in my character that I am unable to witness.  And the best part is that God has done incredible things, and worst part is that in order to do so I am going to have to break apart over and over.  Then the other best part is that it’s worth every crack and splinter.  He doesn’t withhold his love, not even when I don’t deserve it.  That’s my Jesus, always the best thing ever.