My mom is such a trooper. She is the only person around who is as willing to experiment with her hair as I am mine, so I get to use her as a model for any and all looks I want to try out on her. Recently I gave her some high lights and was not feeling them, I didn’t focus on them like I should have while placing them. She said she liked them, but when I suggested trying something else she was up for it!

I recently got some DVDs that teach the “french” balyage and cutting techniques,(whatever that means) and I decided that mom would look great with some hand-painted high lights that flow with her adorable haircut.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the orange stage that her hair lifted to, but I already knew I would be preparing a toner to lose the orange and bring it to caramel.


And this is the turn out!


She loves it, especially with her new favorite haircut! I love it too, it’s a good way to start bringing her up a few levels for the summer without drastically changing her hair… plus it’s a lot more fun to do than a single hair color application. She says that she gets compliments on it often.