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Obviously I’m a big fan of movies.  Bad ones, at that!  I love finding a favorite and having it on in the background while I’m doing chores or projects, which is probably why I have pretty much memorized Sherlock Holmes, Fired Up! and Baby Mama.  Another one of these “go to” movies has just recently been added to my library: Because I Said So.
It’s a ridiculous little Rom-Com, and I think I like it because A. I relate to the mother/daughter dynamic, B. Gabriel Macht is just the absolute dreamiest, and C.  I am a big fan of Milly’s (Mandy Moore’s character) wardrobe.
The elements that stand out to me about her clothes are threefold, and they are simple enough to be able to be reproduced in my own wardrobe at times.
1.  Silhouette:   All of the outfits have a very purposeful silhouette to them, even when she is dressed really casually.  She wears a fair amount of tops that have a V-neck and are cinched in at an empire or natural waist, flaring out into an A-line shape from there.  The same is seen in her dresses, and the shape it creates draws the eye up to her shoulders and away from her hips.
2.  Hemline:   Milly wears some really cute dresses and skirts, which all hit right around her knees.  It gives her dresses enough room to flow out into an A-line shape, but doesn’t make her look shorter.
3.  Neckline Details:  Thank God for Mandy Moore being shaped like a normal human being.  She has a great shape but looks like she eats actual meals, and she doesn’t have the kind of cleavage that needs to be wrangled like a wild horse.  One of the blessings of lacking the Kardashian Kurves is being able to wear things that show off the collar bone and shoulders a little more without worrying about popping out of your top.  Milly does that, and brings the eye up to that area by making sure that the tops she wears have sweet little details, like buttons, lace peeking out, or Henley-esque ties.

This style may not be everyone’s piece of cake, but I do find myself thinking about these elements at times when I’m dressing for work.  I find myself looking for things with a more accentuated waist and detailed necklines.
Last but not at all least…