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sharingiscaringRelationships are difficult.  They require so much work, not just when they begin, but through out their entire existence if you want them to thrive.  You only seem to get back what you put into them, which can be a really hard thing for people to understand.  Sometimes people put in too much, sometimes they put in too little.  Sometimes they take all of the benefits, and sometimes they don’t want anything to do with them.  It’s incredibly difficult to figure out where the balance is for the give and take.
I am incredibly thankful for the relationships in my life where I don’t have to spend a lot of time computing what amount of effort I should be putting into a relationship.  I have 3 relationships currently that have their own sort of balance, and they make life so much easier for me.

1.  My BFF, best friend forever, my Fab Twin, the Trixy to my Vixy, the Blair to my Serena… depending on the day, we switch these rolls.  She and I are not always balanced with our efforts on the day to day, but all of the imbalances on the small scale balance out on the big one.  We both give, we both take, and we both enjoy the rewards of our efforts.
2.  I have the perfect balance with Netflix.  I give them $8 a month and they give me the inability to have a social life.  It’s a model I would love to see replicated in many more of my relationships.
3.  Christ doesn’t ask me for much more than my entire life, and in return gives me eternal life with Him.  It’s actually incredibly imbalanced, because the efforts I have to put in to it are nothing compared to what He has already done for me.

Does anyone else find balance in relationships difficult?  Are there some relationships that are just easier to balance?