“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” – Luke 1:45

Observation: This verse comes from the little story in the beginning of Luke about Mary going to visit her relative Elizabeth. They were both pregnant, and Elizabeth was soon to give birth to John the Baptist. She had been barren, and the bible described her as “advanced in years”, so this was obviously a miracle pregnancy for her. It didn’t quite compare to the one that Mary had going on, what with having conceived through the Holy Spirit.
Mary was young and about to get married when she was told that she was chosen to carry the Son of the Most High. She could have responded in so many ways, from terror to anxiety to denial, but she decided to go with it. Instead of asking useless questions (aside from the obvious one) she accepted what was spoken over her life with a simple “let it be to me according to your word.”
When she went to visit Elizabeth she was welcomed with not only confirmation of the angel’s words but also someone who could relate to the experiences she was going through. Obviously Elizabeth didn’t have the exact situation going on as Mary, but she was also proof that God could create life in any of His willing servants. While Elizabeth was serving as a picture of how God can create life out of the barren and aged, Mary was a picture of how He could create life from absolutely nothing but a servant’s heart.

Application: For one thing there is a very clear message in this verse itself, that belief in what the Lord speaks into your life will result in being blessed. But belief is what, telling yourself over and over that what God said will come true? Reminding yourself when you don’t believe that you need to at least pretend to believe?
Don’t get me wrong, I think belief is key in our walks with Christ, mainly because without belief we will not be able to take steps forward in faith. What I struggle with when I read words like belief and faith is finding a way to take these almost abstract ideas that the bible is loaded with and turn them into something that I can apply to my daily life. Faith isn’t just belief, it’s belief in action. And belief isn’t going to get you anywhere by itself, because faith gives it maturity.
So when this verse says that Mary is blessed because she believed it is much more than simply thinking it would happen. She had to wake up every day knowing she was pregnant with the Son of God, and endure whatever ridicule and rumors spread about her. She had to do what the angel told her to do and go visit Elizabeth, which is belief in action. In order to apply this verse to my life I need to really take the time to listen to what God is saying and to believe that He will fulfill His promises, to take steps forward to where He wants me to be.

Prayer: God, this is my least favorite time of the year. Holidays are the worst. Even the one all about Christ makes me want to stay in bed until next year. I know that there is supposed to be joy in this season but I don’t want anything to do with the season at all.
But you know this. You know every part of me. My heart is not hidden from you, even when I want it to be. The fact that you don’t punish me for eternity for most of what I am is the best blessing I could ever receive. You have already spoken over my life and I do believe that you are fulfilling your promises, and I pray you’ll give me the strength to walk in faith towards the places you have prepared for me.