1. While it may have been an emotional rollercoaster, I had a great time visiting old friends in MA.  There was a cast party for a production I helped with (make-up artist) and I love getting out of Maine. 
  2. I got to spend some quality/reconnecting time with some very cool people, in particular I was so happy to spend time with a certain 8-year-old playing frisbee, and later listen to his stories about nightmares and injuries.  Also, his little 3-year-old brother made up some incredible stories about Dr. Daceman.
  3. I got a really chic loose and light sweater thing for 10 dollars at TJ Maxx that makes all my outfits that much cooler.
  4. I enjoyed going out to dinner with my Ma and a few friends.  It was all girls except one boy who I got to chat with a bit before the women all decided to ask him about what kind of woman he wants to marry, during which time I drank my martini and put in my decidedly unhelpful two cents when I could.   He and I are friends now because I was the only other person at the table who knew what LARPing was, so we got to high-five and only friends high-five.
  5. While outside the restaurant having a cigarette a girl stopped and told me she loved my purse and I got to gush about it with someone who understood how it feels to have real leather and quality stitching.
  6. The possibilty of having friends from MA come visit is exciting.
  7. Mom and I got to visit with the woman who has been in the hospital, and while everyone else was chatting I helped get the little ones in bed and then got to chat with the grown ups and impress her husband by saying that “Computer engineers don’t need Facebook.”
  8. I have gotten to message back and forth with said woman and I find her to be a really interesting person, very smart and very strong in her faith.  I find myself really relating to some of what she says and also finding it completely refreshing.
  9. I had quite a few days off this week, which usually I hate.  Ok, I did hate.  But I’m trying to keep it positive!
  10. LAST weekend my BFF came up to visit and we had epic pong tournaments and BFF time and so many drinks.  It was fabulous!!!!
  11. Has anyone else noticed the leaves changing?  I love this weather!