1. There are some things I will never be able to understand or come to terms with, like why some people are considered attractive when they aren’t, or why drinking alone is a bad thing. 
  2. Sometimes I thinking about my life and wonder what the heck I’m doing, and while the conclusion always has to do with God’s plan it also tends to fall into two different conclusive categories: 1) I’m going to die a virgin.  2) Fuck it, let’s have an adventure of a lifetime already.
  3. I am a firm believer in not being mean.  It’s funny how mean I’ve been in my life until recently.  Now I save it up for when it matters, like when that bitch cuts me in line at Starbucks or my mother asks me a question.  But when it comes to friendships and relationships I think that if you’re mean to people you are supposed to care about, or petty about stupid shit, you can sit and watch people like me cry at you.  Because I won’t be mean back.  But you can watch me cry myself into an ugly person.  I become puffy.  Practically chinese.
  4. If you ignore someone until you’re telling them to do something or complaining at them or about them….. Ok, if you do this to ME I’m going to start doing it back.  That means that instead of doing the random task that you’re too lazy and indignant to do that might or might not be my responsibility I’m going to pretend you’re not there.  It’ll be a mirror game!  And when you ask me to do things, I’ll ask you to do things, or just tell you how much more important it is that I do something that isn’t important at all.  If you can get away with it so can I.
  5. I really do like bad music.  As in, the kind other people consider to be made by no-talent-good-for-nothings.  But I really like it.  And so I listen to Katy Perry.
  6. My BFF likes to post sappy breakup songs on my facebook when I’m in the midst of being sappy about a breakup.  Now she’s blocked.