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Last year the message of Easter for me was to let go.

Last year I heard clearly that I needed to release the un-forgiveness I’d been harboring, and to set myself free from it’s chains.

Last year what I did was let myself become open to the opportunities before me.

Last year I was ready to fall in love.

Last year I was sure that there would be good things to come of my decisions.

This year I’m alone.  I’m not allowing myself the terror of considering romance again; it’s disappointing.  And I’m figuring out how God used the past year to draw me closer to Him.  He did, that is for sure.  He used my joy and my pain, and I know that without placing myself in His hands before everything else I would be devastated.

There is still hope.  God can use what turned out to be a variety pack of emotions and grab-bag of mistakes and sin for His good.  And Christ doesn’t have to die again to save me, he’s covered me completely for the rest of eternity.  He loves the mess he has saved.