Things I’m Bad At:

  1. Driving a Car – I have an incredibly irrational and intense fear of driving a car. It scares me almost as much as bees. I have driven before, but I currently don’t have a license and don’t drive. When I’m driving I don’t feel that I can keep my attention on all the things I need to be paying to attention to, and I am pretty sure I’m going to crash the car and jack up the insurance prices for my parents. Then there is the fact that I’m really bad at…
  2. Directions – Take a bumble bee. Put it in a jar. Shake it up. Let it go. Ask it for directions to Walmart. That is what happens to my brain when you ask me for directions to anywhere. I can usually find my way home from places, but that’s the extent of it.
  3. Wearing High Heels – I have funky feet and high heels seem to torture them exclusively.
  4. Working Out – I have never been one for steady exercise that is in the form of a “work out”. I know it’s important to treat your body well and to keep healthy, but I have a huge problem with scheduled exercise. In fact, once I try to put a schedule in place for myself my rebellious side overrides my plans and I start watching more TV while sitting down.
  5. Parents of Children – If a parent of a child decides to watch me interact with their kid or kids I become the worst ever. I don’t even know what to do, and I’m pretty sure it freaks the parents out to see me being all strange and awkward with their kids.
  6. Black Out Drinking – I’ve never blacked out from drinking. I’m just not that good at letting go of my consciousness I guess.

Things I’m Good At:

  1. Being a Passenger in a Car – I will make mix CDs, I will bring snacks, I will provide interesting conversations, I will grab your toll money from your purse in the back, I will always wear my seat belt, I will give you gas money, I will sing badly along to the radio.
  2. Being a Fan of a TV Show – I limit my TV time because I am so good at being into TV shows. I will absolutely let it take over my life. I have to chose what I watch carefully because I try to only watch one show at a time, so I can go through as much of it that is available as possible as quickly as possible so that I won’t loose all of my life to it.
  3. Predicting Children – I have been wrong once, but I have a history of predicting the sex of babies from the get-go, and I am currently getting good at predicting when people will be pregnant. It’s a gift I’m not always proud of. Heavy is the crown.
  4. Making up Recipes – My mom taught me this one, how to take a basic recipe and put spins on it that rock! I’m always trying to figure out the basics so that I can use them to make things my own way.
  5. Children – Surprisingly I am good with kids. I don’t know how or why, but I do know that babysitting is something I always forget I’m getting paid for.
  6. Impulse Buys – I am really good at finding super awesome things to buy. For instance, I recently purchased a Be-dazzler, and I’m pretty sure it’s changed my life for the better.