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Some people love the outdoors. They find solitude and peace when surrounded by nature. They breathe the clean air, smell the trees, sometimes even drink from clear streams of water.

I like cities. I like being surrounded by strange noises and smells and people. I like the towering buildings and the contrast of brick against sky. So for me to say I went on a hike last week in Newry, ME, is for me to inadvertently tell you that I was not in my comfort zone.

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to drive up to Step Falls for what he considers a very small, harmless hike. I said sure, because I had to go to Mexico to see a friend. We split the gas money and started our drive up on the back roads around 11 am.

I didn’t even know what to wear. Before we started the drive we stopped at Walmart where I ended up purchasing a pair of shorts and an obnoxious, highlighter colored sweat shirt. I wore them both, the shorts over a pair of leggings.blog2




I got to take some really nice pictures, as well as spend time in nature like one of those outdoors-y people. It was nice, and I might even try to do it again sometime. What’s the point in having a life if you don’t use it to experience new things?blog9dirty