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  1. There are products that we sell.
  2. There are repairs that we take in.
  3. We check our emails.
  4. We decorate the store.
  5. I move the products around so they look different.
  6. I read books sometimes.
  7. My boss gets bored and buys jewelry, snacks, and $200 worth of buffalo meat online.
  8. My boss and co-worker talk at me.  Not always to me.  At me.
  9. My boss lets me change the radio station.  My co-worker believes it will get us all fired.
  10. My boss feeds me cheezits, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, pasta salad, potato salad, cake, cheeseburgers, cookies.
  11. My co-worker brings in home made chicken wings and baked beans.
  12. My boss and my coworker compare varicose veins.