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I just made a chicken salad with bacon toasted cheese sandwich, which I am choosing to enjoy with whiskey on ice. When I got home from work I decided to do part of a yoga DVD and an entire Dancercize DVD.

On a side note, Dancercize is excellent because you feel like a complete idiot and you can’t understand what the instructor is doing. Then about halfway through you sort of figure it out and begin to feel like Jessica Alba in Honey, start putting your own little spin on it, then you realize you can’t see what they are doing because sweat is pouring down your face. You end up feeling tired, and a little bit awesome because you just did that entire DVD, even if it was barely 30 minutes.

Tonight I am celebrating. I am celebrating the changes that are happening in my life, not necessarily the changes that life is bringing me, but the changes that are happening from the inside out. I have made a decision to pursue a goal that requires me to get my act together. Thankfully it is one that will require preparation and prayer and really getting back into the Word, and that is only something that I will be able to do by asking for God to help me do it. It would seem that I completely forget that if I ask Him to help me He will. For some reason I think that I need to get myself back on track, and forget that without the H. Sizzle I am completely useless. I need God to change me from the inside out (again. Ugh.). And I am willing to be submissive, so I’ve decided to start asking on a regular basis. I might turn into The Worst, constantly praying and needing and whatnot, but I have a feeling that my version of The Worst is very different from His.

Speaking of changes from the inside out, today I found my first white hair. Not gray, white. Like, blinding white, all the way to the root. Obviously 26 has a lot of great things in store for me. Changes await, and I am not even scared!dirty