“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

Observation: This one is pretty clear cut, Jesus says that if you take the first step in action by asking, seeking, knocking, we will receive results.

Application: This scripture is about such a dangerous process if you’re a proud idiot like me. Praying that God would secure me for whatever tragedy comes next just a week or two before a friend dies. Seeking and praying for a job and finding one that helps make ends meet but isn’t something I’m necessarily passionate about. Asking Him to make it clear if someone should be in my life or take them out of it, then forgetting how many times I prayed that and being really upset when they are removed from my life. And when I remember that I asked for it what I want to do is throw an infantile fit, but what I have to do is thank God for mercifully answering prayers.

But when I find myself in times of hardship I don’t think first of asking God for help. There are things that I need to start asking for that I’ve been considering too small for God to care about, which is not true. I’ve cycled back into a place of believing that He’s too busy, that I am too small.

Prayer: God, you have already told me that I am not too small of a concern. You have said in Your word that each one of us was created by Your own hands, and You sent Your son to die for our sins before someone like me was even born. I know that You care for me, but I have been thinking that it only goes so far. I’m sorry for doubting that You care about each moment of my life, and I pray You’ll renew my heart on this matter. I can’t just remember on my own, so I’ll take whatever reminders You want to send me. And thanks for how You’ve already proven Yourself so greatly, in such big and wonderful ways. Thank You for giving me the times You’ve provided to remember in times like these, so that I can see the proof of who You are. dirty