Let’s face it, Christmas is coming and there’s no stopping it. I know it’s really too early for most people, but I thought I would provide some premature holiday inspiration! Our family is going to be keeping it simple this year, so I’m going to try to give everyone things that I can make that aren’t super costly.

  1. DIY Wooden Trivet Set at A Beautiful Mess – Trivets! Who even thinks of these things? And we all need them! Especially when there’s a lot of family or friends over for dinner and you need the counter space for something else! Genius!
  2. Snakeskin Coaster DIY from The Band Wife Blog – Everyone needs coasters, and these are so rock and roll.
  3. Simple Crystal Cuff DIY from Thanks, I Made It – Buy these products in bulk and make them for all of the girls that you’ve ever known.
  4. Chain Friendship Bracelets from Stripes and Sequins – So simple, but so colorful and fun. Easy way to cross your best girlfriends off your list.
  5. Cutest Bows in Town Tutorial at Oh the Blissful Life – Another one for the girls, and honestly I make these for myself all the time. Perfect for nieces or friend’s kids. The best part is that there’s no sewing involved!
  6. DIY Mason Jar Vases from Please Note – It’s a rather refreshing take on the mason jar trend that has been rocking the pinterest for EVER.
  7. Jewelry Storage from Monaluna – I would do this for my mom or sister in a heartbeat. So much easier to see what you have than a box.
  8. Animal Bookend from Natalme – Thinking seriously about doing this for my brother. He’s got a lot of books, surprisingly, and I think these are super funny.
  9. Washi Tape Journal at Design Love Fest – A simply gift to give your friends who already have a billion journals but always need more.
  10. Pendants from Plastic Toys from Minted Strawberry – Seriously? Yes. Yes.
  11. Crafty Book Binding by Poppytalk – For someone who is willing to take the extra steps, basically this craft is a little more advanced. I don’t know if I can do it without seriously hurting myself, but I might attempt it anyway.
  12. Dinosaur Serving Dish at Three Little Monkeys Studio – Ok, obviously all I want to do is go buy a bunch of toys and turn them into Christmas presents. But how awesome would this be to receive? On a scale of 1 to 10, a 17.