It would appear that the way of the world has not changed quite as much as we would think. Now, let’s preface this with a disclaimer: Obviously this show is not a historical documentary. It’s actually more like an excuse to dramatize history using pretty people and sexy times. On to what we can learn from it!
Commitment should not be taken lightly.
King Henry didn’t get it. According to this show, he constantly put his happiness, desires, and expectations ahead of everything and everyone. He actually reminds me of people I’ve met in recent years, more proof that human nature doesn’t change over the centuries.
These days people still fly by the seat of their pants about marriage and commitment because, as they say, there’s always divorce. But that’s not what God intended and it’s not what leads to a fulfilled life. Marriage was designed to be a reflection of something that we can’t be a part of yet, something holy and everlasting. Even trying to imagine God viewing commitment the same way we do makes me feel unclean, because I know He could never be anything but perfect.
Yet history and culture show us repeatedly that we take things lightly. We make commitments and rip hearts apart without understanding the consequences. We selfishly throw a fit when we don’t get things easily or our way. And we are very much like this king who can’t make up his mind.
It makes me cringe to watch this show, with all of the characters best laid plans that never seem to go the way that they were intended to. Take Anne Boleyn, who managed to get the king to leave his wife for her and marry her, had his daughter, and then got her head cut off. What we think will satisfy the desires of our hearts ultimately leads us down a road to death. I fall into this selfish, consumerist way of thinking on the regular. But thankfully my King is one who forgives my desire driven sins, and that’s why I want to be a part of His kingdom. Trash mine, it’s a waste of time and energy; give me His.