So I am notorious for starting to crochet things and not finishing them at all, ever. But when I found out that my friend would be having a baby I knew I had to make the little guy something, considering I can’t afford to buy him anything at the moment. I started making it in the beginning of the year, and because I’m pretty much the worst at just finishing a project I just finished it while I was in Texas visiting the new mom and kiddo. Thankfully, while I considered it to be a bit “ratchet”, my friend thinks it’s pretty adorable.
I get really bored just using the same stitch all the time so I pretty much made a big rectangle using one stitch and used different stitches all around the edges, which made it a little weird looking/shaped, but it kept me interested! I also used a couple different colors, but kept them in the boy color pallet.
I also used some ridiculously soft yarn, so when I finally gave it to the baby it didn’t scratch up his seriously adorable face or anything like that.