DSC_0014Last week my mom and I took a little trip from New England to Dallas, Texas in order to see one of my Best Friends, her dad, husband, and brand new son George.  While we were there we spent a fair amount of time in their apartment, and mom convinced them it would be a really good idea to lug the ancient BBQ down from the third floor so we could enjoy some burgers.
DSC_0002Being from New England it’s very strange to go from 40-50 degree weather so 95 degree weather daily!  I ended up buying a pair of shorts and using a lot of sunscreen, so thankfully I have not gotten a sunburn yet this year.  It helped that all the buildings had air conditioning, which was really nice when we went to bed.  I love being nice and chilly before I fall asleep under a fluffy comforter!
DSC_0016George was a week old when I took these pictures, and his face has been filling out even more.  I love watching him; his facial expressions remind me of his mom so much!  I would be helping her with something, or we would just be talking, and she would say or do something that made me laugh and point out that it was the same expression that her baby makes!
ginnyGeorge’s mom actually has 2 dogs, and her dad has 1, but the only one that is friendly to all strangers and doesn’t run away is Ginny.  She’s got a lot of energy, what with being only about 6 months old!
DSC_0037In the picture above Winrey, Ginny’s mom, is barking out the window at us.  And below is the neighbor’s dog, drooling over our burgers.
DSC_0023The trip was only 6 days but I still feel that it was needed.  It was really nice to get away and relax, not think too hard about all of the things that stress me out from day to day.  It really felt like a vacation with a reason, and I’m really glad I got to take it.  I especially loved getting to spend time with my old friend and her family.  She’s a really strong woman and an inspiration to me in some ways.  I’ve really missed her, and it was nice to get to see her growing family, getting to know them a little better and spending time with them.