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It’s the hair. It’s really all about the hair.

I have always had so much envy for KiKi’s hair. It is never too done, the color is always in the blond family (except when it’s red), and she parts her hair in a side part on the same side of her head as I do! We are obviously going to be hair twins forever!

I think that the intense hair envy really got started when I saw her in Wimbledon. Her hair in that movie is so naturally textured, which is exactly what I wish my hair was. Her character puts it up simply to get it out of her face because she is an athlete, so it’s carefree in that her do’s are about function, not really how it looks. Her character is an american tennis player, and you would think that she were going to become a version of Anna Kournikova, because of the blond hair and tennis skirts, but because her hair texture is allowed to be a bit roughed up, wavy, loose, her character can’t be confined to the typical blond athlete that our media knows so well. Instead her hair adds to the carefree and adventurous aura of her character’s personality.

Basically, I want it. dirty