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tinadanceWhen I was a junior in college I was introduced to a show by a friend that she swore was one of the best things she’d ever seen in her life. It was one of the best things I had ever seen in my life as well, and I became a fangirl immediately. The show was 30 Rock.
Here is a random list of things that I have learned from my beloved show. It is incomplete, but it is still gonna happen.

  • Reaganing is defined as a continual streak of perfection. It is similar to a ‘no hitter’ in baseball however with a more broad application that refers to a series of non-related events. Named after the 40th President of the USA Ronald Reagan.
  • It is possible to have male-female friendships. Liz and Jack are strictly friends, business buddies, work spouses, mentor-mentee, and work husband slash uncle/co-worker slash little brother. It can work. It doesn’t have to get complicated and weird.
  • Live every week like it’s Shark Week.
  • There are secrets to fashion, ranging from tie colors (having more than 2 colors in a tie means you’re looking for a certain type of bar) to the proper way to dress as a spinster (sweatshirt, mom jeans, fanny pack), from the secrets behind trends (your friend is Michael Khors and will make wizard capes cool to hide your girlfriend’s pregnancy) to the wrong way to color block (tan slacks with a tan turtleneck will make you look like a giant condom), and of course the proper way to treat evening wear.

    Lemon: “Why are you wearing a tux?”
    Jack: “It’s after 6. What am I, a farmer?”

  • Reality TV will always be on because it always wins the ratings.
  • The Bubble is defined as the world in which beautiful people live where they are protected from all criticism and all of life’s unpleasantries and never get a true sense of their actual limitations
  • Nothing brings people together like fear and/or the hatred of something. Bonding can happen over fear of the end of the world, budget cuts, or even bed bugs.
  • There are 3 things you should not do in a negotiation: speak first, smile, and negotiate against yourself.
  • You can’t out-crazy Tracy Jordan
  • An EGOT is the combination of winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony; the highest peak an actor can attain.
  • There is a difference between positive reinforcement and stating facts.

    “I do look like the Arrow shirt man, I did lace up my skates professionally and I did do a fabulous job finishing my muffin.”

  • I want to go to there is an expression of yearning for a feeling, place, or situation. Use it in reality. I do.dirty