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You know what I don’t like?  Tea.  You know what I’m drinking right now?  Tea.

I have a very romantic ideology of tea, what with it being British and something Doctor Who drinks for it’s antioxidants, but… I can’t.

For one thing, I don’t know if I can make it correctly.  The flavor seems off, and since I’m stealing it from my super cool brother while he isn’t home I’m guessing at how much to put in with the water in the thingy that he got from Teavana.  Also, it takes possibly 15 minutes to make.  That is a lot of time I could be sitting and playing Angry Birds, or doing laundry, or contemplating the idea of exercise while watching HBO.

I’ll finish my mug, just so I’m not wasting my brother’s money.  And I’m very overtired and feeling icky so maybe it’ll do me some good, but God, at such a cost.

I try at times to find different beverages to pass my time trying because I usually drink water or vodka, whiskey, tequila, etc.  I keep thinking that the key to not coming home from work and taking 2 shots while complaining about how no one in this family understands that dinner time is at 6:30 pm and not 9 pm is to switch from shots to something else.  I have considered coffee, but what with how it makes me feel sort of ill and jittery, plus how I am a fan of teeth whitening strips that may make my teeth all the more able to stain, I don’t really go for it these days.

I’ve been thinking that perhaps a pretentious sparkling water would work, as I’m a huge fan of San Pellegrino Pompelmo.  It is the most delicious of all the sparkling lemonade drinks in the entire world, but it’s expensive.  I got bills, son, about 40 grand of ‘em.  I can’t always be spending $10 on a six pack of mineral water goodness.  So I have tried to switch over to polar seltzer water.  I only buy it in 12 packs of cans because it’s the best way to force yourself to drink a carbonated beverage before it goes flat, and the rest of the supply won’t get flat either.  I have a few issues with this beverage as well though, such as how it’s not very tasty unless you doctor it.  This can be problematic because I always seem to find vodka in the mix… also, it’s quite dehydrating.  I always feel way more thirsty after having a can, and the more I drink the thirstier I am!  Then there is the fact that my brother likes to steal them and drink 6 out of 12 cans in 36 hours of their being in the house.  This becomes a problem, because I have an issue with running out of things.  For some reason I need to have something fully restocked before I use the last of it.

My point is, this is my journey.  It’s a part of my life and in this season I am trying to figure our how to tantalize and entertain my taste buds without alcohol.  Suggestions are welcome. dirty